Unity Consciousness

How can you contribute to peace in the world? The first step is to grow in awareness that we must all act together, as human beings, to provide for our common needs for survival and fulfillment. We share a global destiny that transcends all of our differences—including race, sex, religion, class, culture, and nationality. By simply affirming and bringing our common humanity to the forefront of our minds, we will be more likely to act together in meeting our collective needs and shared aspirations.

Choose a deliberate course of action to start right where you are to make a difference. It won’t happen by chance—nothing will change until you do. Success is spawned by the attainment of knowledge followed by action. Commit to actively volunteer your time and resources to support worthy causes that benefit the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the members of your community, and ultimately the world. Think globally, but act locally.

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