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The Benefits of Walking

Walking is an excellent way to improve or maintain your health and mental well-being.

For cardiovascular and physical conditioning, walk briskly for 30 minutes and swing your arms forward and back to add to your exertion level. It is a great activity to share with your partner, kids, pets, or a friend.

And if you are struggling with an important decision, recovering from a loss in your life, or just in need of quiet solitude, walking can improve your life in multiple ways.

In addition to exercising, walking can be used as a form of moving meditation.

To use it as a meditative action, walk slower than usual and coordinate your breath with your steps. Find a comfortable pace in which you can coordinate your steps with your breathing―four steps with each inhalation and four with each exhalation, allowing your breath to flow slowly in and out of your nose and mouth.

Walk as if your feet were “kissing” the ground and experience the world with all of your senses—savor the moment of peacefulness.

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