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Less equals more

One of the more toxic stressors for our world today is living with a continuous sense of urgency—inundated by constant activities and overwhelming amounts of information. Do you constantly feel on the run? Does it seem like you’re locked into a never-ending, self-depleting pursuit of the rat race? What good is it to win the race―if you’re still a rat when you finish? Living such an exhausting lifestyle leaves little time for meaningful relaxation or enjoyment.

If that describes your life it’s time to slow down…catch your breath…and focus on who and what is most important. A good way to simplify your life is to heed the following questions:

    1. What things are you currently saying “yes” to, that you need to stop doing?
    2. What are you currently saying “no” to, that you need to start doing?

Eliminate the clutter from your life. Your state of mind will be a reflection of your environment. If your personal surroundings are cluttered with stuff, your mind will be as well. Clean out your living space, including your closets, and give away items you no longer use or need. Make a list of unfinished projects in your life that need to be completed and proceed to finish them in their order of priority. For every item you complete and eliminate, you will free up more time and space for what is most important.

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