Emotional Intelligence/Self-Mastery Insights


Great leaders practice self-mastery on a daily basis.  They possess focus, self-motivation,
and the drive to continually move themselves forward toward their goals.  Their success
can’t be chalked up to luck or coincidence–because it is a consistent effect of their self-mastery.

This training provides up to date research in the field of neuroscience, combined with interactive
discussions and deeply reflective activities structured to raise your self-awareness and personal
clarity through the following learning objectives:

  • Practice Mindfulness to move from autopilot to a state of self-awareness

  • Identify four key factors for raising personal self-awareness
  • Learn useful techniques for practicing effective self-management and delayed gratification

  • Detect early warning signs of an emotional hijack and stimulate certain brain chemicals to
    heighten your state of well-being and self-confidence

  • Understand the neuroscience behind changing thinking patterns to rewire neural pathways

  • Learn three ways to develop greater social-awareness

  • Put relationship management skills into practice to become an influential leader