What is it that makes some people remain calm when faced with tough times, while others fall apart mentally or emotionally? Psychologists call it resilience―the ability to cope with stress in a positive way. Resilient people are able to draw from an inner well of strength and skills to respond to life’s challenges, regardless of what they are, instead of falling into despair. It doesn’t mean they experience less grief or distress than other people. Those who are resilient simply face life’s problems head-on in a way that fosters greater growth, coming out on the other end entirely different than they were before, and often grateful for the experience.

For building greater resilience, remember to take care of yourself―get adequate amounts of sleep, eat a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, and engage in mindful meditation to calm both your mind and body during stressful periods. Last but not least, connect with at least one other person with whom you can share your feelings, and discuss possible solutions to problems.

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