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Release the Past

There will come a time in your life when you’ll need to let go of the past—all the hurts, losses, pain, disappointments and failed expectations. It is the healthiest, most expedient way to move on. Have you ever watched a trapeze artist perform? He holds on to one bar, creates momentum, and then suddenly, in a split second, he must decide to either let go and grab the new bar with both hands, or keep holding on to the old one with one hand. If he chooses the option of holding on, then one of two things will happen—he will be stuck in the middle with one hand on each bar, or end up falling completely. Neither will lead to a preferable end.

You can’t move forward in your life if you continue to hold on to disappointments from your past. Releasing the past is not giving up or quitting. It doesn’t mean you are weak or volatile. It simply means you’re aware that to be able to experience anything new, better, or different, you must first let go. What are some things in your past that you need to release? Set yourself free from them now. You won’t move on and enjoy a successful life until you do.

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