Birkman Personality Assessments

The Birkman Method® personality assessment is a scientifically based instrument, originally developed by Dr. Roger W. Birkman, to measure human characteristics for influencing behaviors, motivations, and perceptions. The assessment has been completed by millions of people and thousands of organizations worldwide.

We utilize the Birkman assessment as a leadership tool in two ways:

Elevate Individual Awareness

When individuals understand their self-perception and social perceptions, they become increasingly aware of personal strengths and weaknesses in navigating social interactions and developing more significant influence for dealing with workplace challenges.

Image of team having fun while reviewing Birkman assessment report together.

Elevate Team Collaboration and Performance

When team members understand one another's self-perceptions and social perceptions, it creates a safe workplace to discuss differences in individual behavior styles and expectations. This helps clarify the team’s purpose and how to leverage individual strengths to contribute to greater team performance and success.

The Four Personality Types

– Deals in the present
Gets results through action

-Deals in the present
-Gets results through people

-Deals in the past
-Gets results through systems

-Deals in the future
-Gets results through ideating

The Birkman assessment measures four key perspectives for each person’s personality:

  • Motivationpassion and interest in various activities that foster greater engagement and enjoyment in life. Motivation is critical in finding a fulfilling career path and ensuring long-term workplace satisfaction.

  • Self-Perceptionhow an individual sees themself and what drives them to show up in the world daily. Birkman refers to this as our usual behavior, typically how a person approaches tasks, manages relationships, and contributes to the community.

  • Social Perceptionthe underlying context or filter an individual uses to determine if a current situation or environment feels comfortable. This reflects an internal state that is not always apparent to others. Birkman refers to this as needs, which allows a person to anticipate their reactions to new or changing life situations to avoid resulting stress.

  • Mindsetan individual’s view concerning themself and others. Birkman addresses specific aspects of a person’s mindset that affect intrapersonal, interpersonal, and alignment of work tasks to allow for new ways of thinking in various life circumstances. Examining mindset allows for a greater understanding of the “why” behind an individual’s actions and behavior patterns.

Massey Consulting Team excels at utilizing Birkman to elevate employee engagement and transform company culture. I have witnessed the remarkable impact of Tom’s coaching in raising individual awareness, improving team morale and increasing organizational performance. We are deeply grateful to be influenced by such a profound and accomplished leader!

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