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Music is an age-old medium for soothing and healing the soul.

Listening to music we enjoy resonates deeply within us―sparking a heightened sense of well-being, vibrant energy, and joyfulness. Our problems and worries seem to wash away, transforming our mood from gloom to delight.

Whether you enjoy classical, rock, country, gospel, jazz, or R&B, music can help lift your spirits. If you are feeling anxious or having a bad day, a well-timed tune on the radio can soothe and revive you. One minute you feel hopeless, and the next you’re optimistic.

Music is a force that both revitalizes your spirit and comforts your soul.

Experiment with different types of music to discover which sounds resonate with you in certain situations. Classical piano nocturnes may help you relax or set a romantic tone, while boogie-woogie brings you out of the doldrums. Jazz can be energizing, or country music may stir your passion.

Gradually build up your personal music collection to include selections to kindle happiness for all occasions.

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