Live With Passion

Do what makes you feel alive

Does your life produce a sense of passion and purpose that causes you to look forward to each new day? Or do you often find yourself repeating catch phrases like: “It’s hump day!” or “TGIF” to get you through the week? Then when Sunday evening rolls around, you start dreading Monday all over again.

Does any of that describe your life? Sure, everybody occasionally feels like life sucks. But if you find yourself reliving those “Groundhog Day” moments too many days in a row, it is time to do something about it. What will it take to change your situation and make something exciting happen?

Here are some actions that will help:

    1. Pay attention to what you love to do and the talents you possess—where those two intersect is your path to bliss.
    2. Set a goal and begin making steps to build momentum toward the direction you want to go.
    3. Be willing to learn, stretch, and grow outside your comfort zone.
    4. Engage the help of a friend or mentor to offer feedback and help guide you along the way.
    5. Never, never, never give up on pursuing a life of passion and purpose.

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