Leverage a Positive Mindset

Reframe your thinking

You don’t have to depend on physical ability alone to produce your desired results. Leverage is a powerful force that will provide the strength to move or accomplish what you want. The secret is to use a positive mindset as a well-placed fulcrum. A challenge we all face is referred to as “negativity bias”—an adaptive response of the human brain to look for danger. It served humans well when hunting with spears on the savanna thousands of years ago. In modern times, however, this type of thinking causes you to react to difficult conversations or traffic jams as if your life were being threatened. Pay attention to when you slip into a negative mindset and shift into a positive. If that happens repeatedly, for a long enough time, you will cause your brain circuitry to change. Neurons that fire together start to wire together.

Begin each morning with positive rituals and affirmations that set the tone for the day. Look for the good in everything, regardless of how trivial it may appear. Leverage humor to offset negative self-talk under challenging situations. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. A positive mindset is the most powerful tool you possess.