Laugh Your Way to Good Health

Medicine for the soul

What happens internally when you have a good laugh? There is a release of endorphin, a brain chemical that causes you to relax. At the same time, there is a release of norepinephrine, a brain chemical that causes you to be alert. Put them both together, and laughter becomes like interval jogging on the inside. It creates a wave of stress recovery by bringing more oxygen into the body while both stimulating the nervous system and relaxing muscle tension at the same time. You’ll be physically calm and relaxed yet mentally energized to be more creative and productive.

Integrate fun and laughter into your life with the following ideas:

  • Festively decorate your home and office with vibrant colors
  • Place playful conversation pieces on your tables
  • Hang fun pictures on your walls
  • Host game nights with family and friends
  • Regularly watch funny movies or comedy sitcoms
A merry heart is a healing balm. Continuously look for opportunities to nurture your body and soul with laughter.