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Regardless of whether you’re trying to start a business, build a great relationship, broaden your education, achieve a dream, or win a race, it takes grit to succeed. Your mental and physical fortitude will determine if you are up to the challenge of tackling anything difficult for a long period of time. People with grit find a way to overcome the obstacles along the way. In fact, obstacles become the way for the brave hearts who possess grit. One of the biggest reasons people fail at any great endeavor is because they give up after experiencing failure. People with grit are undaunted when it comes to failure. They fail…and fail…and fail…and get back up. They will be the first ones to attest that success is found on the far side of failure.

You develop grit every time you withstand the temptation to quit. It is not when you’re at the top of your game that you discover your best self—it is when you press through the darkest moments that your greatest strength emerges. How do you build stronger grit? Purposely push yourself each day beyond your comfort zone, both physically and mentally. Start developing qualities now that will train you to endure when difficult times arise. With grit, you’ll be able to find a way to not only survive…you will thrive!

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