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Life can be challenging at best. About the time you get one area of your life going smoothly, another one jumps off the rails. The sooner you stop fighting what life is throwing at you, the sooner you can ease into graceful living, where your life is filled with inner peace and gratitude. Living with grace takes the pressure off living. You don’t have to constantly prove that you’re a worthy person. Grace means you can allow yourself and others to fail, without experiencing a major crisis each time life doesn’t go the way you expect.

Reflect on the relationships in your life. Is there someone you need to forgive because they failed to live up to your expectations? Be aware that expectations often turn into resentments. Exchange your expectations for aspirations. When you aspire for others, rather than expect something, they neither lift you up nor let you down when they don’t come through. Grace is forgiving and for giving. It doesn’t only stand by waiting to throw a drowning person a life-preserver, grace jumps in the water!

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