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Who doesn’t love a generous person? While being generous is great for those who are beneficiaries, the habit of generosity does as much for the person who practices it. Truly generous people are often more successful in all areas of their lives. Those who are willing to share of their time, possessions, and talents with others are often some of the happiest people there are. They are more relaxed and less stressed, because their happiness comes from giving more than from taking. They possess the confidence that you can get anything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.

Generosity rarely happens by chance. You must make a deliberate effort. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a few simple steps to make generosity more intentional in your life. If you have never been in the habit of giving, this would be a great time to start—regardless of what your current situation is, start small and work up. Get into the habit of regularly donating to a local charity or a cause you feel passionate about. Any amount will be appreciated. Donate your time working with people in need, as well as associating with other generous people to learn more about the life-changing effects of practicing generosity.

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