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Find Your Niche

Do you ever feel like the ladder you have been climbing to success may be leaning against the wrong wall? If so, don’t be discouraged. Nothing is wasted. Experience is the best teacher—but interestingly, she gives you the test first, before the lesson. You spent years going to school or learning a trade, only to end up in a job you dislike. Who knew? Or perhaps you like your job, but don’t care for the people or work environment you’re in each day. Know that you’re not alone. Many incredibly talented people have had multiple misstarts before finding their niche. Keep exploring and don’t give up!

Here are some helpful questions to help you find your niche:

    1. What do you want to do? What do you have a passion and talent for? Do what you love, and it won’t feel like work.
    2. What skills have you mastered? Regardless of the type of work that attracts you, there is always a shortage of excellent performers who are enthusiastic about what they do.
    3. What environment attracts you? There are many workplaces you can choose from—pick one that appeals to you and go for it!

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