Fence Mending

Live in harmony with others

Are there some fences that need mending in your life? Is there someone you have been avoiding because of a longstanding disagreement or misunderstanding? If you don’t make an effort to mend the fence there is a risk that important relationships could be seriously harmed. Even the smallest of breaks in a fence can allow beastly chaos to run rampant in your life. Grab your tools and go mend your fence.

Perhaps the most effective fence mending tool you have are the words: “I’m sorry.” It’s practically impossible for someone to fight with you when you are willing to negotiate a truce. It doesn’t matter who started it or how long it has been going on. Regardless of who caused the rift, it is in your best interest to resolve it. Being the first to say you’re sorry doesn’t imply you’re a push over or a doormat for others to walk on. Instead it reveals the audacity to let go of your need to be right. By doing so, you will make peace with others and be free to focus on success and abundance.