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Your connections add meaning to your life

Connecting with others provides one of the most excellent sources of joy. Yet, to experience this joy, you must be willing to risk the pain of being hurt. Being vulnerable requires a great demonstration of courage, and the thought of doing so sounds risky. Yet, the greater risk is choosing not to do it. Allowing your walls of protection to come down, you’ll begin to radiate positive embracing energy, encouraging others to let down their walls.

Look into the face of someone with little or no protective walls. What do you see? The words you use to describe them are the exact words you would use to describe the experience of peace. People will feel safe around you when you are willing to be vulnerable. You will give them permission to let down their guard and completely express their love in return, perhaps for the first time. The word intimacy can be described as “in-to-me-see.” Are you willing to allow others to see you, blemishes and all? Doing so will inspire them to let down their guard with you and be seen.

Find at least one person you can connect with, and let down your guard. Choose someone you trust who offers encouragement, acceptance, and honesty. Develop genuine friendships by regularly investing your time with others and listening to them to deepen and nurture the relationship. Next, expand your circle to include a community of others who share your desire to connect–providing an excellent opportunity for you to see and be seen.

Need a little inspiration? Check out Dale Carnegie’s best-selling book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, which is a great resource to help you achieve great connections with others.

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