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Compound Interest of Self-Improvement

The compound interest of self-improvement principle arises from the philosophy that if you focus on improving the little things by 1% each day, you’ll get a significant increase when you add them all together.

Your success will be built by building a solid C.O.R.E.

Commitment + Ownership + Responsibility = Excellence

How strong is your C.O.R.E.? The most successful people make it a practice of beginning their day with a morning ritual designed to drive incremental personal improvements. For example:

    1. 1. Read something inspirational and motivating
    1. 2. Journal and review your goals
    1. 3. Visualize the achievement of your dreams and goals
    1. 4. Practice mindful breathing to train yourself to mentally focus

Round your morning rituals out with these daily activities to strengthen your resilience and stamina:

    1. 1. Exercise to stimulate cardiovascular and muscle development
    1. 2. Eat healthily and practice intermittent fasting 13-16 hours per day

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