Build Habits That Stick

Less is more

When establishing healthy habits, the key is frequency rather than duration. You may not have time to spend hours a day exercising, reading, or doing all the other activities that promote health and personal well-being. So, try spending two minutes each day on those actions—that’s more doable. If you do something every day and keep doing it, the compound effect will pay big dividends over time.

Focus on balancing your life in various areas by practicing these quick self-enhancement activities each day:

    1. Invest 2 minutes every day being still, meditating in quiet reflection and appreciation for life.
    2. Invest 2 minutes writing in your journal the things you are grateful for, your dreams, goals, and heart-felt challenges.
    3. Invest 2 minutes reading something inspiring and informative to increase your awareness and personal knowledge.
    4. Invest 2 minutes each day engaging in some kind of exercise to increase your heart rate.

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