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We write books that inspire people like you to take action.

Giving possibility to change.
We know you’re busy. With you in mind, we’ve written our books to be quick reads that are concisely written and get to the point fast. This allows you to put the words into practice that much faster.

A compelling story of what happens when organizational leaders suffer from lapses in rational thinking and common sense.

An easy-to-follow process, based on behavioral science and designed to help you navigate your journey… in a way that can change your life!

Inspiring and informative ideas to help you build life-changing habits that lead to greater success and personal fulfillment

Time-tested principles designed to help you create healthy habits to elevate energy levels and improve your physical and mental well-being.

image of book The Shovel

A mystical story of courage and the strength of the human spirit to rise from tragedy to triumph.

Image of book Gifts of the Shovel

An engaging story filled with unexpected twists and turns. Written for anyone who aspires to live life to its fullest.

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