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Be Persistent

Never quit!

Persistence is essential for achievement, whether to win a race, start a business, build a lasting relationship, or accomplish any worthwhile goal. It reflects both mental and physical grit when you withstand challenges and persevere difficulties over an extended time. Being persistent means, you’re determined to face the rigors of tough life decisions and willing to “find a way” to stick it out. One of the most common reasons people fail in any great endeavor is because they don’t keep pushing through after failure. And most of us fail…and fail…and fail again. Success is almost always found on the far side of failure.

You strengthen willpower every time you get back up and resist the temptation to give up. It is not when you’re at the top of your game that you discover your best self—it is when you’re pressing through the darkest moments that true courage shines through. How do you strengthen persistence? By deliberately pushing yourself each day to go a little beyond your comfort zone, both physically and mentally. Start developing qualities that will prepare you to succeed when difficult times arise. With persistence, you’ll manage to find a way to overcome any obstacle you face.

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