Attitude is more important than your level of education, the amount of money you have, or any skills you have attained. It is more important than your personal charm or good looks. You have a choice each day regarding the attitude you embrace for that day. Your greatest freedom lies in the ability to choose your attitude no matter the circumstances.

Someone once inquired from Mother Teresa what the job description was for someone who might want to work alongside her in the grimy streets and alleys of Calcutta. Without hesitation she mentioned two things:  the desire to work hard and a joyful attitude. A desire to work hard is rare, but compared to an attitude of genuine joy and gratitude, it is commonplace. Choose today to carry an attitude of joy and gratitude! 

Who or what controls your attitude? Other people? Things? External circumstances? Don’t let them. You and you alone have the freedom to choose. Do something each day to stretch and grow your resolve to be optimistic about life. By doing so you will learn to flex and strengthen your attitude muscles. Don’t compare yourself to others, and yet seek out those who model a positive attitude and allow them to rub off on you.

Make a list of the top three “attitude busters” in your life. Ask someone to help you be accountable and commit to make regular attitude adjustments when needed. Find something to be grateful for in each of those areas―in fact, make a deliberate effort to get into the habit of simply saying “thank you” more often. Nothing will change until you do.  

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